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How Many Push-ups Should I Do a Day? 


The most typical and well-liked workout for building core and upper body muscle is, without a doubt, push-ups. Since it requires no special equipment, you can do it wherever and anywhere. How many pushups should I do a day if you’re short on time and have to keep your shape? You must be wondering how many pushups you should do a day.

Asking yourself how many pushups should I do a day will set you on the path to a simple and flexible exercise plan. The main goal of these questions is to determine how many pushups I should do a day to achieve the desired benefits. This article covers how many pushups one should perform in a day to reach their weight-loss objective.

The answer to the question “how many pushups should I do a day?” is explained below.

How Many Pushups Should I Do A Day? Here Is Your Answer

The majority of people want to know how many pushups should I do a day to increase their strength, lose weight, or reach their weight target, whatever it may be. Your age, degree of fitness, and, of course, your final goal all affect how many push-ups you should do a day.

Push-ups are fantastic exercises for developing strength, but many individuals either perform too much or not enough. Push-ups are a challenging activity, but all it takes is a practice to get good at this exercise. Beginners may find it difficult, and those who are overweight may find it extremely difficult. However, do not worry if you can only do two push-ups initially.

Make an effort to get better progressively. The number of push-ups one can perform each day is unlimited. Many individuals perform more than 300 push-ups each day. But for the ordinary individual, as long as they are done correctly, even 50 to 100 push-ups should be sufficient to maintain a good upper body.

Twenty pushups are a good start but do not limit yourself to that number. To challenge your body, it is crucial to continue raising the number. If you consistently perform 20 pushups over three months, your muscles will cease growing because they will have grown accustomed to the habit.

The ideal daily workout would involve three sets of 12 repetitions. You will develop muscle strength as a result.

According to Dr. Lawrence A. Golding from the University of Nevada, “Depending on your age and fitness level, you should be able to perform an average amount of pushups daily.” You can view the average number of pushups by age and level in the tables below.

Push-up For Men

PoorLess than 4Less than 4Less than 2000

Push-ups For Women


How Many Push-ups Should I Do A Day To Avoid Heart Attack?

Obesity and being overweight are significant risk factors for heart attacks and other cardiovascular illnesses. Moreover, our risk of developing a cardiovascular issue can now be determined thanks to research from the Harvard School of Public Health.

They claim that one’s push-up capacity is a valuable indicator of this. In contrast to other test findings, such as those from submaximal treadmill testing, the push-up ability substantially correlates with the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In light of this, a study was conducted to determine the minimum number of push-ups you should perform each day to avoid cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks. Middle-aged firefighters served as the subjects of the study.

The participants had a 39-year-old average age. Additionally, each subject was required to complete a treadmill stress test and a push-up test at the beginning of the trial to ascertain how many push-ups they could perform continuously without pausing.

Thirty-seven of the participants reported cardiovascular-related issues throughout the study’s ten-year duration. That allowed the researchers to draw the conclusion they did. During the trial, firefighters who could do 40 push-ups or more had a 96% lower risk of developing a cardiovascular problem than those who could only complete fewer than that number.

A study found that doing 40 or more push-ups continuously reduced risk levels by 96%. Remember that this test was done on physically fit individuals before you attempt to perform 40 push-ups.

How Many Push-ups Should I Do A Day To Lose Weight?

Once more, there is no set quantity of pushups you can perform to ensure weight loss. It is challenging to pinpoint the precise figure because there are so many factors to consider.

However, the study we discussed earlier indicates that to prevent cardiovascular disease, a person must perform more than 40 push-ups so you can use this number as a benchmark. Furthermore, consult a professional to determine the precise amount of push-ups you need to complete to lose weight.

How Many Push-ups Should I Do A Day To Increase Stamina?

You should increase the number of sets you perform while keeping the repetitions per set lower if your objective is to develop stamina. You must first determine your maximum push-up capacity to do this properly. Next, multiply the number by two.

If your number is 30, for instance, you should perform 28 push-ups in sets, resting in between. The next phase is gradually increasing your push-ups by one daily until you reach your target number.

How To Do A Perfect Pushup?

  • Bring your feet together behind you as you begin to kneel on the floor or an exercise mat.
  • With your hands shoulder-width apart, flat on the mat, and your fingers pointing forward or slightly inward, assume the position of a high plank, which is the top position for a pushup.
  • Over your hands, your shoulders should be positioned. Behind you, your feet should be aligned, and your back should be flat. Maintain a tight core.
  • Slowly squat down near the ground. Retain a stiff torso and maintain spinal alignment with your head. Avoid letting your hips creep up or your low back slump.
  • Once your chest or chin touches the ground, keep lowering yourself. While moving downhill, your elbows may extend.
  • Put your arms up and push up. Once you are back in the plank position at the peak of the pushup, keep pushing until your arms are completely extended at your elbows.
  • Continue moving downward. As you gain strength, work up to 10 pushups or as many as you can complete with the correct form.

Any workout, including push-ups, should always be performed with proper form maintained. You must constantly keep your back straight, and your core engaged when performing a push-up to maintain an appropriate form.

Also, make sure your butt is not sticking over the ground. Your body should be aligned straight from your back to your feet. Your body will not form a straight line if your butt sticks out. These suggestions will help you perform push-ups correctly, making them more effective.

What Do Push-Ups Do To The Body?

One thing is sure about push-ups: Your upper body will feel the burn. Also, you can try various exercise variations to target particular muscles more effectively. Push-ups engage your chest, back, shoulders, and arms.

Upper-body Strength

Push-ups simultaneously work the major muscles in your chest, back, shoulders, and arms. This increases your upper-body strength.

Strengthening And Stabilising The Core

Push-ups are beneficial for building muscle throughout the body. They exercise your core as well. If you think about it, a push-up is quite similar to a plank, with the addition of some arm motions. As a result? Holding the plank position while you complete your reps will help you develop your stability and core strength.

Muscles Endurance

Your muscles’ capacity to continuously work against resistance increases as your strength does. In addition to enabling you to complete more repetitions in the gym, increased muscle endurance also makes it simpler for you to carry out daily tasks like carrying heavy items.

Improved Posture

Strengthening your back and core muscles will make it simpler for you to maintain your upright posture, which will help you avoid some of the aches and pains that come from slouching at your desk all day.

Its Versatile

Push-ups are the ideal workout for people of all fitness levels to undertake because they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. There is a push-up variation for everyone, whether you like to perform them on your knees or feet or alter the position of your hands to work different arm muscles.

Final Words

How many pushups should I do a day? It depends on your objective. Keep going until you are exhausted if you want to improve your endurance and get muscular. You should perform more sets with fewer reps to build your stamina. Don’t forget to maintain your form correctly at all times.

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