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Who To Follow On Twitter: 16 Best Accounts


Are you looking to follow some new and creative accounts on Instagram? Then look no further and follow the guidelines for who to follow on Twitter.

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media apps, with millions of users. But there are some influential accounts whose followers are increasing day by day. These accounts could be those of celebrities, influential speakers, or politicians, and you can follow whoever you want on Twitter. Twitter was once considered a blogging platform, but now many celebrities and politicians have joined Twitter, and their fans can follow them to stay up to date on their activities.

So here are some accounts you can follow on Twitter: We have compiled them based on the ranking and followers of the account. So, let’s discover who to follow on Twitter.

Who to follow on Twitter

1. Barack Obama


Who has yet to hear of Barak Obama, the former President of the United States? But you will be surprised that Barack Obama’s followers are more than 130 million. Barack Obama will have 200,000 followers in 2022, and those numbers are increasing day by day. Barack Obama usually shares informative posts related to politics and social awareness.

People from different parts of the world come and follow Obama’s account. Although his account is not new, it was created in 2007, but its popularity increased in 2021 when the number of followers reached 120 million. This account also gained 20,000 followers in December. So, if you are looking for intellectual and political accounts who to follow on Twitter, you must follow Barack Obama’s account, an influential leader of our time.

2. Bill Gates


Bill gate also comes in the second number on our list. Bill gate is the mind behind Microsoft and has a fantastic personality. Due to his amazing skills, he got 60 million followers on Twitter. He is a big name in the world of technology. He also made a fantastic foundation for tackling rising inflation and climate change. He spends 10 billion on his foundation. That is why his popularity reached the top.

He has also become famous on Twitter, and people who want to know who to follow on Twitter, follow his account.

3. Neymar


If you are a football lover, you should follow Neymar’s account. Neymar is one of the most promising players on the Brazilian football team. Neymar is also regarded as the best player in the world, which explains why he has 60 million followers.

The surprising truth about this account is that his followers are increasing by about 100,000 weeklies. So, Neymar is not just a football player but also a social media icon. Neymar usually tweets in French, but still, his followers need to be dripping.

4. Justin Timberlake


If you love music, you can follow solo artists’ accounts on Twitter. Justin Timberlake was a BOB celebrity with millions of followers. Justin Timberlake is regarded as one of the top musicians, with sales exceeding 90 million. So, it’s not surprising that she has so many Twitter followers.

Timberlake is a social media icon who shares his latest music releases and TV appearances. So, if you are looking for who to follow on Twitter, consider Justin Timberlake as the top of the list.

5. Twitter


If you are looking for a top account on Twitter, who to follow on Twitter? Twitter followers are also massive, with 65 million followers. If you follow Twitter’s history, you will be informed of new Twitter features.

Twitter does not only update fans about its features but also shares related content in influential languages. If you want to stay updated on this app, you can follow its Twitter account.

6. simon Sinek


Simon Sinek is also one of the best inspirational accounts to follow on Twitter. Simon Sinek is well known for his inspirational books, positive criticism, and outlook on improving organizational working behaviors.

The bio of Simon Sinek, “Inspire someone every single day,” is also inspiring. He usually shares motivational, inspirational, and approving posts. So, if you want to follow an emotional account, you should take advantage of Simon Sinek’s.

7. Jen Sincero


Jen Sotero’s Twitter feed is also motivational. She wrote a book about how to live an inspiring life. She usually shares motivational and positive posts that will not leave you without inspiration.

She writes books and gives advice and tips on how to be successful and live a peaceful life. So, the answer to your question about who to follow on Twitter is Jen Sincero.

8. Web Smith


If you still need clarification about who to follow on Twitter, consider the @websmith account. He is the founder of 2 PM and an e-commerce, branding, and e-commerce industry expert. Due to his fantastic experience, his fans follow his Twitter account. His posts usually include exciting and inspiring books, and marketing intersects, how to make direct branding customers, and much more.

So, if you’re new to the business and want to hone your skills, follow the Web Smith account.

9. Tim Ferriss


If you’ve read the 4-Hour Work Week book, you’re probably familiar with the author, Tim Ferriss. His book is translated into 40 different languages, so he has an impressive 2 million followers.

So, if you want to invest in a business, you can follow his account for productivity tips and case studies of companies. His tweets are usually inspirational quotes, podcast episodes, and much more. So, if you’re a business owner, Ferriss’s account is a must-follow.

10. Jack Butcher


If you are an entrepreneur, you should follow Jack Butcher’s account. Jacker Butcher is the founder of the visualize value company, which is known for sharing business ideas in an accessible format. He is so helpful that his social presence on Twitter is increasing, and people are learning from his brilliant ideas.

So, if you want terrific ideas and looking for an account who to follow on Twitter, you can follow Jack’s account. No Donut is an expert at creating unique content and engaging audiences through his inspirational ideas.

11. David Perell


If you still need clarification about who to follow on Twitter, you should follow David Perell’s account. David Parallel is a growing writer and blogger. He is an expert in transforming a voice into words. He is also known as the “wordsmith brother” because he can effectively share his ideas.

Although his followers are growing and he has a large following, you will need help following his website or Twitter podcasts. So please don’t be late and follow his account to get great content.

12. Danny Miranda


It is now fashionable to follow YouTubers on Twitter as well. So, you can get updates about recent posts. Danny Miranda is a popular YouTuber who radiates positive energy. His content is about helping others and giving positive and inspirational content to the audience. He gets impressive knowledge through reading, so you can also share his knowledge by following his account on Twitter.

13. Polina Pompliano


If journalists inspire you and you are looking for who to follow on Twitter, then follow Polina Pompeliano’s account. She is the subject of profile reads, where she shares stories about the best minds in the world. Her novels cover people from every aspect of life, such as athletes, companies, and incredible people. So, you can spend your free time reading about inspiring and unique people.

14. Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo is a fantastic football player and social media icon. He has played for some of the world’s most prestigious clubs, including Real Madrid and Manchester United. His follower’s number is 105 million, and celebrities such as Usain Bolt and Lil Wayne follow his account.

His social media presence is not surprising, but his amazing followers are inspiring. It is predicted that his followers will reach 1 million in three years. So, wait to get updates about Cristiano Ronaldo.

15. Elon Musk


Elon Musk also has a popular Twitter account with over 130 million followers. Although his followers did not peak in previous years, his announcement to purchase Twitter increased his followers.

Elon Musk is an experienced household name who launches products such as electric cars, home appliances, rockets, etc. He is interested in cryptocurrencies and memes, and due to his expertise, he has become the owner of Twitter.

16. Katy Perry


If you want to know who to follow on Twitter, then Katy Perry is the best pop star. She started her career by singing in churches, but now she has become a star and social media icon.

She is considered an influential woman on Twitter. She tweets about her inspiring thoughts and her concerts. She does not only share promotional tweets but also inspiring messages.

How does Twitter find accounts to suggest?

Twitter has a feature that suggests who to follow on Twitter. This suggestion is based on different criteria and algorithms. The algorithm of “suggest” is based on the following:

  • If your contacts on your phone are linked to Twitter, then Twitter will suggest that you follow your contacts on Twitter.
  • If you upload your email with your contact information to Twitter, Twitter will mean that you follow your contacts on Twitter.
  • If you belong to a particular city, then Twitter will also give suggestions for people to follow on Twitter.
  • If your account is not private, Twitter may suggest others follow it.
  • Twitter also recommends prompted accounts to follow when deciding who to follow on Twitter.


Who is the best account to follow on Twitter?

One of the best and most popular accounts to follow on Twitter is that of the President of the United States, Barack Obama. This account is considered a must-follow on Twitter and has 130 million followers. The best thing about this account is that you can stay updated about the political conditions and views of the next President of America.

Which Twitter account has 100 million followers?

Some accounts have 100 million followers on Twitter, and these accounts are as follows:

  1.  Barack Obama
  2.  Elon Musk
  3.  Justin Bieber
  4.  Katy Perry
  5.  Rihanna
  6.  Cristiano Ronaldo

Can I see who I am following on Twitter?

Yes, it is possible to see who you are following on Twitter. To know who you are following, click on the “follow” button and see who you are following on Twitter.

Final words

These are the top accounts who to follow on Twitter. So, whether you love inspirational or comic accounts or want to learn something new, you can follow these accounts because these are the top Twitter accounts that will refresh your newsfeed and inspire you and something new.

So, get on time and follow one of the accounts that interest you.

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