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What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather? 15 Fall Outfits!


What To Wear In 60-Degree Weather? Typically, this is a temperature that occurs during the autumn and spring seasons, when you must develop strategic 60-degree weather outfits to avoid having to strip off layers while out.

Is this to say you should pull out your heavy coats and keep your tank tops in the bottom drawer? Not exactly. While one cannot wear tank tops and basic shirts, as 60-degree weather outfits on their own, they do offer the perfect base for neither too hot nor too cold weather. It’s all about the layers!

15 Outfit Ideas For 60-Degree Weather

To be honest, any outfit solution will work for 60-degree days; the key is to strike a balance. We’re talking lightweight trench coats instead of overly heavy puffers, airy blanket dresses in boots, and layering that you can simply add or remove depending on your mood.

We’ve compiled a list of 60-degree weather outfits for you to peruse below. So, the next time it’s slightly cool but not quite cold, you’ll know just what to wear in 60-degree weather. You can customize any of these styles to suit your specific taste.

1. An Oversized Blazer, A Mini Skirt, & A Pair of Boots

An oversized blazer improves practically any ensemble, and because of the contrast, pairing one with a little skirt is extremely eye-catching. If you can’t handle the occasional gust of wind, add tall boots or tights to make this outfit more appropriate for chilly weather.


2. Go For A Foundation Layer

A base layer allows you to remove pieces of outerwear when the temperature becomes excessively hot. So you want to wear a cute and elegant foundation layer! Another difficult aspect of deciding what to wear in 60-degree weather is that you basically need two outfits because you’re layering.

For the first layer, a lightweight shirt or tank top is excellent. Consider a superlight long-sleeve crop top or sweater (but seriously, ultra-lightweight). To finish the look, throw on a windbreaker, a denim jacket, or a blazer.

3. Boots & A Peasant Skirt

Tall boots keep your legs toasty while looking stylish. When coupled with a flowy peasant skirt, you’re not revealing any flesh at all, therefore no tights are required underneath. Your skirt’s small weight won’t matter because your boots will keep your legs toasty.

A Peasant skirt and tee with riding boots are the basics. If you are thinking that what type of casual dress should i wear in 60-degree weather, here is a suggestion! Wear a peasant skirt and a top with rain boots for a relaxed look. Looking for something dressy, a peasant skirt, silk shell, black stiletto boots, and statement jewelry will be the best options.

4. Chunky Sneakers Or More Lightweight Combat Boots

Because your feet are one of the most sensitive regions of your body, you should be cautious while selecting footwear. A 60-degree day is not ideal for a walk to the beach, and if your feet are chilly, you will be cold.

Choose oxfords, loafers, mules, closed heels, sneakers, or anything else that secures your toes. Fur boots or shoes with a thick lining are unnecessary, and you will likely overheat. Spring shoes, such as chunky sneakers or lighter combat boots, are ideal for 60-degree weather ensembles.

5. Mock Turtleneck Paired With Slacks Or A Skirt

Mock turtlenecks are just warm enough. These shirts were practically designed for 60-degree temperatures! A conventional turtleneck could make you sweat, but a mock turtleneck covers just enough skin to keep you warm. 

Basics include a lightweight mock turtleneck sweater paired with trousers and flats or sneakers. A mock turtleneck shirt or sweater, leggings, and sneakers for casual are best. Dress up with a mock turtleneck sweater, a silk or satin skirt, and heels.


6. A Long-sleeved Mid-length Dress With Tall Boots

Tall boots, whether cowboy boots or a sleek over-the-knee version, can immediately transform any dress — summer or fall — into a fall-ready ensemble. A reliable black or brown pair will come in useful all year.

7. Soft Skirt Set

Consider wearing a silky skirt that is appropriate for 60-degree weather. This ensemble, in a matching monochromatic tone, is both fashionable and weather suited. Finish with feathery strappy sandals for a show-stopping appearance.

If you think the dress is a touch too exposed for the cold weather, pair it with nylons or over-the-knee boots to add warmth without sacrificing flair.

8. Style The Trench Coat

A trench coat is a classic coat type that, depending on its weight, design, and manufacture, is for all seasons. The trench coat is available in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes, and it’s a coat that most people can wear in these temps. A light-midweight wool coat is ideal for 60-degree weather.

9. Puffer Jacket A Winter Essential

The puffer jacket is a classic winter need, but when lightweight and barely filled, it can also be a terrific garment for 60-degree weather. Wear a mid-length puffer jacket over your favorite denim ensembles, or let the dynamic item speak for itself by belting it with over-the-knee boots.

10. Ankle Boots, Leather Jacket With White Top Fashioned With High Waist Bleached Denim Jeans

It is critical to invest in a beautiful white top! If you’re going on a long journey, a white tee can come in handy more than once.

One can pair a white tee with a leather jacket, bleached denim trousers, and ankle boots – ideal for late-night market travels! If you don’t have a leather jacket, you may always substitute a denim jacket.


11. A Comfortable Sweatsuit With A Duster Jacket

Sweatsuits have become a wardrobe staple, and while they’re ideal for lounging, they can also be dressed up. A solid, neutral color helps to make this relaxed outfit feel sleek and deliberate, while a structured jacket or leather blazer ties everything together. When it comes to footwear, basic sneakers are an easy, more casual option, but we also like to toughen things up with a pair of hefty boots.

12. Dress In Shawl & Sweater

Looking for something casual but pretty wearings in 60 degrees of weather! Shawl and a sweater can prove to be the pretty best option. In case it gets chilly, the shawl serves as an elegant emergency layer. Sweater dresses offer all-over warmth in a simple, one-piece ensemble that will have you out the door in elegance in no time. A shawl or blanket scarf keeps you warm on a 60-degree day and can provide texture and contrast to your clothing.

Additionally, a sweater dress and shawl with sneakers can be casual or for getting some dressy feels sweater dress with a shawl, heels, and statement jewelry will look cool.

13. Style A Cardigan With Sundress

Wear a sweater to keep warm if you’re wearing a light dress. If you’re not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet, wear your favorite sundress with a bulky oversized sweater or a fitting cardigan. You’ll stay warm while capturing the essence of the transitional season. [8]

Sundress and thick sweaters with ballet flats are the essentials. Sundress and bulky sweaters with sneakers are casual.

14. A Baggy Suit With A Tee And Chunky Shoes

Suits have evolved from work to play, and adding a somewhat baggy version to your collection will ensure you’re on-trend outside of the workplace as well. If a dark or neutral design is too boring for you, try jewel tones, neons, or printed pieces to liven up those gloomy days.

15. Collared Top With An Oversized Blazer

There’s no reason you shouldn’t experiment with layers when dressing for work! Layering can improve your creativity and help you make an impression on your colleagues/clients. The idea is to avoid being excessive or overly simplistic. A simple 60-degree work fit? We’ve got you covered! You’re set to run the bustling streets if you have a collared blouse, a hand-me-down blazer, a short pencil skirt, and knee-high boots.

If your workplace does not allow short skirts, which is understandable, you can wear thermal tights and ankle boots to balance the look. 


Fashion Mistakes To Avoid When Dressing For 60 Degree Weather

So far, this guide on what to wear in 60-degree weather has covered styling ideas for these temperatures. However, it is equally vital to discuss what not to wear in 60-degree temperatures.

No To Flip-Flops

When it comes to styling for this weather, flip-flops, and sandals of any kind are an apparent no-no. However, if you absolutely must wear your favorite mules or strappy sandals, there is a beautiful compromise. Consider wearing peep-toe platforms and open-toed, heeled sandals with tall socks or nylons. Choose colorful patterned hosiery to add depth to the outfit.

Avoid Swim Suits

Swimsuits are yet another item to avoid while deciding what to wear in 60-degree heat. While bikini tops worn as crop tops have come back into fashion, you might want to reconsider when it’s 60 degrees outdoors.

Overy Hefty Outfits

Finally, try to avoid components that are overly hefty. While these temperatures aren’t particularly warm, full-length fur with multi-layering underneath may cause overheating.

Bottom Line

So, try some of the styling techniques in this article to stay warm and trendy while stepping out into the chilly weather looking hotter than ever.

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