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Want To Know How To Clear Cache On Instagram?


Are you attempting to use your phone to browse Instagram but the software is as slow as a turtle? Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social networking networks. It may become important to erase the Instagram cache on your iPhone or Android at some point. This article will show you how to clear your Instagram cache.

What is Cache?

Every gadget has a storage area for temporary data. This is known as a cache. The primary purpose of data storage is to boost the speed of your device when opening and utilizing a recurring program or loading web pages. The cache also helps to reduce the amount of data utilized when using your device. However, the cache might occasionally slow down your smartphone, so you may wish to clear it.

Instagram, for example, stores every search you perform in the Search and Explore section to help you find your favorite accounts or hashtags faster.

What Does “Clearing Cache” on Instagram App Mean? 


All services or apps, including Instagram, temporarily store data on your device to speed up the device and the app. The important thing that happens is that the app stores the information on your device whenever you use it. In other words, when you visit and view any Instagram profile, the data from that profile is saved in the cache memory.

When you launch the app again and try to visit the same Instagram profile, it will load previously stored data from the local cache to reduce loading time. Furthermore, if something changes, it will reload the material in the background. However, the cache of Instagram can become full of other files as well.

As a result, movies and images may not be displayed efficiently on the app, and the browser version of the platform may suffer as well. If you do not delete these files on a regular basis, your Instagram feed will not refresh.

As a result, because cleaning cache deletes photographs and other articles stored, you will have more capacity to use the app without major inconvenience.

How To Clear Instagram Cache From iPhone?

If you wish to remove the Instagram cache from your iPhone without removing the app, one major difficulty is that we cannot clear the data alone on iPhones and iPad. Unfortunately, that is not currently possible. Offload or remove the app from your device to clear the cache and app data on your iPhone.

The only option is to delete/uninstall the Instagram app from your iPhone and reinstall it. It is worth emphasizing, however, that you do not lose any crucial files that you have downloaded throughout this process.


  1. Find the app icon (for example, Instagram) on your iPhone’s home screen. Alternatively, you might use the app list in your cell phone settings.
  2. Long press and hold the app on your home screen until a menu displays beside it. Or, wait till you watch all the other apps bounce around it.
  3. Select ‘Remove’ from the list of options in the menu or press the ‘minus’ sign in the top right corner of the app.
  4. When the prompt appears, confirm ‘remove app.’
  5. You can now reinstall the program from the App Store and log in as usual.
  6. Also, to avoid restoring the app, disable the iCloud backup.

Clear the iPhone App Cache(not just Instagram’s Cache) Data Automatically By Reboot

iOS deletes cache data from your iPhone using sophisticated technology. On each reboot, it uses an automatic cache clearing approach to erase the unneeded cache data. As a result, the unused cache data on your iPhone will be removed automatically during the reboot. Power off your iPhone by pressing and holding the Power and Volume down buttons for a few seconds, then swiping the Power off button at the top of the screen.

Your iPhone will now shut down, and you can turn it back on after a few seconds by hitting and holding the power button for a few seconds. This will immediately erase the unused cache on your iPhone.

It should also be noted that restarting or switching off the iPhone does not automatically gain storage or delete the cache. iOS automatically calibrates the cache and available phone storage, and it only clears the cache when necessary.

For example, if your iPhone’s storage is getting low and your device has more cache data. It will be cleared during the next reboot, giving you more space. On the other hand, if your device has adequate free RAM, the system will not remove the cache data.

So, in summary, if you’re running out of storage and rebooting at regular intervals (once a day or twice a week), you can free up some space by deleting the cache on your iPhone.

Clear the App Cache on iPhone by Uninstalling the App


The next option for cleaning the app data and cache is to remove or delete the app entirely from your iPhone, or to temporarily unload the program.

Offloading the Unused App and Free Up the Space

This is an effective method for increasing storage space on your iPhone. If you have an app that you rarely use and it takes up space on your phone, you can temporarily offload it to free up space on your iPhone.

What is iPhone App Offloading?

Offloading is a unique iOS feature that allows your iPhone or iPad to temporarily remove an app from your device. You can free up the space used to calculate the App size. All data associated with the app, however, remains on the phone. All previously saved data will be available the next time you install and use the app.

The app will be uninstalled from the phone once you offload it. The app icon, however, will remain on your home screen and in the App library. So, the next time you press on the App icon to launch it, your iPhone will begin downloading the app from the app store, and you will be able to use it as usual.

So this option is quite useful because it removes all useless or infrequently used apps, giving you more space on your iPhone. However, keep in mind that after you unload an app, you will need an internet connection to download it from the App Store the next time you open it.

How to Clear Instagram Cache From Android?


On Android, unlike iOS, there is no need to deactivate the app or log out of your Instagram account. All you have to do is follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to your phone’s ‘Settings’ menu.
  2. Scroll down to find the ‘Apps’ option.
  3. After that, click on it and then select ‘Other apps.’ Choose Instagram from the list that appears next.
  4. Now, select ‘Storage,’ and you will see a ‘Clear Cache’ option. When you click on it, you will notice that the button has become greyed out.
  5. Furthermore, you can observe that the amount of Cache has decreased to 0 bytes.
  6. Voila! It’s as simple as erasing messages to remove the Instagram cache on a mobile phone.

NOTE: On Android, clearing the cache of Instagram will reset the app. When you clear the cache, you may lose any downloaded images or videos. Make a point of saving the crucial ones.

How to Clear Instagram Cache On PC?

Instagram is also accessible through your computer or mobile browser. Here’s how to clear the Instagram cache on the desktop:

  1. Go to the Instagram website.
  2. After logging in to your profile, click ‘Privacy and Security.’
  3. Now, pick ‘View account data’ and then ‘View all’ from the ‘Search history’ menu.
  4. Then, when requested, click ‘Clear search history’ and select ‘Yes, I’m sure.’


There you have it! You now understand how to delete a cache on Instagram in less than a minute. Please keep in mind that clearing the cache on Instagram will only improve performance. It does not improve its performance.


  •  Is it really necessary to erase the cache on Instagram?

You do not need to clear your Instagram cache. In reality, it speeds up the data loading procedure in the application.

However, as time passes, the cache data tends to accumulate, affecting overall device performance. As a result, clearing the Instagram cache on a regular basis is recommended.

  • Is it possible to delete the cache without removing the app?

On Android, you will be able to clean the cache without deleting the application. However, this does not apply to iOS devices.

  • Will emptying the cache on Instagram remove the photographs I’ve downloaded?

Yes, make a backup of the photographs and videos you’ve saved on Instagram. Because deleting the cache is like Instagram’s ‘Reset lite’ button.

  • What’s the distinction between ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’?

Clearing cache is a simplified method of clearing data. When you clear the Instagram cache, only a few old photographs and videos are removed, whereas data clearing removes all data, including user preferences and message threads with your replies.

  • Does Instagram cache cause my device to slow down?

Yes, a large Instagram cache will slow down your mobile device. Other apps can use the cached space to run more smoothly. Although the slowing is not always evident, it does exist.

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