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Learn In What Order To Watch Naruto


What order to watch Naruto is a question almost every anime lover search on internet. Because Naruto is one heck of amazing anime series. We watch anime for entertainment and to kill boredom. But would you believe that NARUTO is the one anime that can cause you to become addicted to viewing more and more? 

For millions of people, it is more than just anime. In this anime, a young youngster who lived alone and through hardships throughout his infancy nonetheless managed to grin the brightest of all. Naruto had a single desire for which he sacrificed everything. Naruto is an anime that has the power to alter viewers’ perspectives on suffering and life. It’s more than simply an anime; it’s a tool that educates.

If you are new to Naruto obsession, you must be wondering in what order to watch Naruto. Below is the guide in which we have mentioned what order to watch Naruto. Let’s start now!

What Order To Watch Naruto? 


Ninjas, magic, and spirits rule the world of Naruto. We follow the main character, Naruto Uzumaki, as he trains with his pals to become the best ninjas in Konana. Koanna is their town (The Village Hidden in the Leaves.) Naruto, an anime based on the same-named manga, has become one of the most well-known ever. The theme of the narrative is family, sacrifice, tenacity, and redemption.

Naruto’s life is covered in the series. He is a young orphan trying to earn the respect of those around him when we first meet him. Their sensei, Kakashi Hatake, sends Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno on several missions. We watch them develop into grownups as the novel progresses and struggle with more significant problems like betrayal, love, and suffering.

By the end of his story, we even get to see Naruto mature into a spouse and father. The anime series was so well-liked that 11 animated films were produced. Both occur in the same historical period as Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generations. In this article, we’ll go over what order to watch naruto.

1. Naruto Episodes 1-101

The first in our list of what order to watch Naruto is Naruto season episodes 1-101. In the opening scene of “Naruto,” the cunning Naruto Uzumaki defaces a cliff that depicts the elders of the Hidden Leaf Village in the style of Mount Rushmore. He’s an idiotic troublemaker who lacks friends and is pitifully inept. Unsurprisingly, his classmates make fun of him, notably Sakura Haruno, who is madly in love with Sasuke Uchiha. But eventually, Naruto’s situation improves. 

He turns as a shinobi, joins Sakura and Sasuke on a team under the instruction of the renowned Kakashi, saves Sasuke from an opponent who seemed unbeatable, shatters all expectations in the Chunin Exams, vanquishes a tailed beast, and accepts a legendary ninja as his sensei. In addition, he masters one of his most potent moves, the Rasengan.

2. Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow

Because Team Seven is still united in the first “Naruto” film, “Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow,” it must occur before Sasuke departs in Episode 108. It must also happen before the mission, which starts in Episode 102 and leads to Sasuke’s wound. Additionally, it must occur after Episode 96 because Naruto has the Rasengan. They would be in the ideal location to complete their snow quest since Sakura is in Episode 99, and all three are at Hidden Leaf Village in Episode 101.

Considering everything, this movie is a tonne of fun. The fight culminates in Naruto’s multicolored Rasengan and involves some deadly snow-covered combat, some of Kakashi’s best Jutsu, and the introduction of some cool Hidden Leaf Village ponchos. So after watching naruto ep 101, this movie comes next on our list of what order to watch naruto. 

3. Naruto Episodes 102-160 

One of the most captivating storylines in the “Naruto” series may be found in this run of episodes. Leading by the recently promoted Shikamaru, Naruto and his fellow genin (young ninjas) set out to bring Sasuke back. The Three Sand Siblings are their new comrades, and in this scenario, each young shinobi engages in combat well above his level. In addition, Naruto’s first epic clash with Sasuke concludes the arc.

This arc marks the conclusion of young Naruto’s tale in the “Naruto” manga. The majority of what comes afterward in the anime is regarded as filler. If you’re only interested in canon, you could skip the following 60 episodes, but we strongly advise against it because it is a lot of fun. Read more to know more about what order to watch naruto. 

4. Legend of the Stone of Gelel


This is the second film in our guide on what order to watch naruto. Shikamaru, Sakura, and Naruto are dragged into a conflict for the Stone of Gelel in the second Naruto film. The stone is a potent mineral that can give the person strength comparable to that of a jinchuriki [a human plus a tail-bearing creature]. We mentioned it after ep 160 in our guide on what order to watch naruto because it’s the perfect order to watch it. 

5. Naruto Episodes 161-196

There are more entertaining filler episodes in this run of “Naruto,” but none involve any advances essential to the main plot. Some viewers advise speeding through the series by omitting Episodes 143 through 219 from the sequence of what order to watch naruto. But if you do, you’ll miss the episodes that reveal how the relationships between the characters develop and how their skills advance. You’ll also miss the debut of several interesting new skills. 

One of the most impressive belongs to a young woman who has the power to change reality through her artistic creations. By painting a picture of the act in question, she causes a lightning bolt to strike the Hokage’s office. If being entertained is the primary goal of viewing “Naruto,” this series succeeds.

6. Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom

The task of accompanying prince Hikaru Tsuki and his father Michiru back to the Land of the Moon is given to Kakashi, Sakura, Rock Lee, and Naruto. Here, Naruto has to impart humility to the young prince. Naruto and his pals are required to maximize their B-ranked task in this scene, which takes place after episode 196; according to our guide, in what order to watch naruto? 

7. Naruto Episodes 197-220

These episodes typically consist of a backstory flashback with mostly unimportant details, a mission where members of various teams practice their skills together (and frequently look for Sasuke), a demonstration of fortifying alliances with organizations like Hidden Sand Village, or an investigation into a “What if?” scenario. Naruto season ends here in our guide on what order to watch naruto. 

8. Naruto: Shippuden Episodes 1-32


After Naruto seasons, Naruto: Shippuden comes next in our guide on what order to watch naruto. The first scene of “Naruto: Shippuden” is from the perspective of an unidentified character who is running through a dark hallway. From the conclusion of the first series, we have traveled approximately three years into the future.

The Akatsuki attack Hidden Sand Village in the series’ first episode, capturing Gaara, destroying the Sand forces, and nearly murdering Kankuro. All of their young buddies have grown into fearsome shinobi, Naruto is now more mature, and Sakura is significantly more robust. Additionally, Naruto has replaced his dated blue and orange attire with a stylish black and orange ensemble.

9. Naruto Shippuden The Movie

The first installment of the Naruto Shippuden series gets off to a fast start! Naruto will battle a monster till he perishes, we learn. Does Naruto’s fate already exist, or do we control our fate? Watch the movie after Naruto Shippuden episode 32.

10. Naruto: Shippuden Episodes 33-70

In these episodes of what order to watch naruto, Sai, an unreliable but strong ninja from the Enigmatic Foundation, rejoins Team Seven and takes Sasuke’s place permanently. In place of an injured Kakashi, the team is led by “Captain Yamato,” a veteran Anbu black ops ninja. Also, we learn more about the Akatsuki’s strategies in this season, more about Danzo’s fighting style, and even see the reunion of Naruto and Sasuke, who is now a terrifyingly powerful character.

11. Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds 


To retaliate for their conflict during the Second Great Ninja War, The Land of the Sky intends to attack Konoha. A team consisting of Naruto, Hinata, and Sakura must collaborate with a youngster named Amaru, who has come to warn the Leaf Village. This movie comes after Naruto Shippuden Episode 71 in what order to watch naruto. 

12. Naruto: Shippuden Episodes 70-120

In these episodes of what order to watch naruto, a lot happens. Here, a significant sensei is killed, the Ino-Shika-Cho team becomes more powerful, and Naruto creates a brand-new, incredibly potent jutsu based on the Rasengan.

13. Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Will of Fire

The Will of Fire, which takes place after episode 121 of Shippuden of what order to watch Naruto, observes the beginning of the disappearance of ninjas with kekkei skills. Having a kekkei Genkai Kakashi is probably their next target. Naruto needs to keep his sensei alive. You’ll see from this tale exactly how powerful Naruto’s will of fire 

14. Naruto: Shippuden Episodes 121-154

This run contains a significant death that mainly affects Naruto. Some fans may consider the storyline in this run of episodes to be filler, although it plays an integral part in subsequent episodes. Bottom line: These are significant and profound episodes.

15. Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower


Naruto and Yamato are thrown 20 years into the past at the conclusion of Team 7’s mission to capture the ninja Mukade. In order to get home, Naruto needs the fourth Hokage and a younger Kakashi’s assistance. Watch this movie after episode 143, please.

16. Naruto: Shippuden Episodes 155-196

While Naruto is out from training, a formidable Akatsuki member decimates Hidden Leaf Village. The troublemaker whom everyone formerly detested is finally able to achieve his aim of winning the love, respect, and admiration of Hidden Leaf Village when Naruto returns.

17. Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison

When the Fourth Raikage is wrongfully accused of being attacked, Naruto is detained in the Hidden Grass Village and taken to Hozuki Castle, sometimes referred to as the “Blood Prison.” In order to clear his name, Naruto must escape from one of the most guarded jails in the world.

18. Naruto: Shippuden Episodes 197-251 and Episode 311

A (shady) significant Hidden Leaf player dies, and the Five Kage get together to combat a recognized threat in Episodes 197 to 251. In addition, there is a tonne of filler episodes as the villagers recreate Hidden Leaf Village while reliving amusing but ultimately inconsequential pasts.

19. Road To Ninja: Naruto The Movie 


Sakura and Naruto are transported to a world where Sakura is an orphan, Sasuke never left Konoha, and both of Naruto’s parents are still alive. What might their lives be like if anything different occurred? After Shippuden episode 251, this strange adventure takes place.

20. Naruto: Shippuden Episodes 252-493

A term paper, much less a slide, cannot do justice to this vast run of 240 episodes. These episodes have incredible battle after tremendous battle, resulting in a tale that rivals the best anime sagas ever written.

21. The Last: Naruto the Movie

The movie, as its title suggests, is the final installment in the Naruto series. After watching episode 493 of Shippuden, make sure to watch this movie. This time, Naruto and his companions learn that a descendant of The Sage of Six Paths will create an Earth-moon collision. The Last: Unlike other action-adventure films in the series, Naruto the Movie deviates from the norm. It’s a romance instead.

22. Naruto: Shippuden episodes 494-500

“Shippuden” ends with this collection of episodes. A few years have passed since the events of the Great Shinobi War, and our heroes are now enjoying their lives, and everything is going well.

23. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 

The narrative of Naruto doesn’t finish there because he and his wife, Hinata, also have a son, Boruto. The manga series “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” which chronicles a new boy ninja growing up in the shadow of his father’s glory, served as the inspiration for both the original anime and “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.” 

The sequence of the Boruto series is as follows: 

  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episodes 1-51
  • Boruto: Naruto the Movie 
  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episodes 52-199

Final Words

Here is our complete guide on what order to watch naruto. Naruto fans have closely followed his every move, as well as his joy, pain, and suffering. If you weren’t one of them to follow his journey, dude, you should have. It’s worth your time. The purpose of this sequence is to know in what order to watch Naruto and the best way to watch Naruto.

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