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What’s Wrong With Johnny Depp Teeth? [Explained]


Surprisingly, the subject of what happened to Johnny Depp teeth has sparked attention and been covered by several media publications. This is mainly because anything related to Johnny Depp is a popular topic for writing, but we still questioned why someone would be so interested in his teeth. We considered requesting a remark from the tooth fairy but ultimately opted to take a somewhat different route. We learn more about the story by investigating Johnny Depp’s tooth rot.

The unfortunate degeneration of Depp’s teeth can be attributed to his childhood maltreatment. They recount the narrative of a man who turned to a severe addiction to cope with childhood abuse. The narcotics he took for decades to cope with his history ultimately caught up with him and his teeth.

His drug use increased in prevalence, frequency, and difficulty as the years passed. Depp would also assume several parts in which his character was a drug user, emulating his lifestyle at the time. Nevertheless, he was incredibly successful despite everything, and strangely, his success may have pushed him farther into drug misuse, which is a type of self-abuse. Before we describe the maltreatment he endured as a child, let’s briefly examine the exact causes of his tooth decay.

History of Johnny Depp teeth

Additionally, we discovered that Depp’s teeth had been debated on Reddit. A commenter observed that the actor’s smoking and drinking habits have negatively damaged his body, particularly his teeth. A second individual noted that he initially had many of his teeth capped with gold for POTC but that it may not have helped. So, did booze and drugs cause Johnny Depp’s tooth discoloration?

Yes, according to Dr. Kipper, Depp was addicted to alcohol, opioids, benzodiazepines, and stimulants in the past. In addition, the neck of time actor and his physician prepared for his two-week drug detoxification in the Caribbean. The doctor and Johnny’s chat conversations were also presented in court. Later in the marriage, Depp began misusing the sleeping drug Xanax compulsively.

Before entering rehab, Depp reportedly spent more than $30,000 (ÂŁ24,000) each month on wine. Depp has stated in the past, “I am not a madman who constantly requires drugs or alcohol.” Depp’s first drug use occurred when he was only 11 years old.

What happened with Johnny Depp teeth?

The long-term use of alcohol and drugs has left him with tooth decay, discolored teeth, and gum disease. Dentists are as popular as plastic surgeons and hair transplant surgeons.

Crooked teeth, underbite, overbite, and misaligned jaws can significantly impact the form and symmetry of your face. The more symmetrical your face is, the more attractive you appear to others—additionally, teeth aid in maintaining the length of the face and the form of the jawbone.

Celebrities are human beings, and none of them are perfect. They encounter the same issues as humans, including tooth decay, worn enamel or fillings, gum disease, cracked teeth, and exposed roots, in addition to dental treatments such as fillings, root canals, and gum treatments to repair root-lost tissue. In a video from 2022, it appears like Mr. Depp’s teeth have not changed. We believe he is not insecure about his appearance. However, he has occasionally changed them momentarily, such as in his role in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory.

Why Do Johnny Depp teeth Appear Crooked?

There is no definitive evidence to support any of the several possibilities regarding the causes of Johnny’s dental problems; however, there has been much conjecture regarding these issues.

Some individuals have hypothesized that they are at least partially attributable to the fact that he is a smoker known to cause tooth discoloration. The actor’s smile includes more than discolored teeth; he also has a noticeable set of gold veneers.

Speculation suggests that the actor who portrayed Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie may have received these gold veneers while filming. In the film, the actor had a golden smile, and after appearing in the series, he may have decided to keep his gold teeth as a permanent part of his image. If he did this first, he wouldn’t have to worry about having them included in subsequent films in the franchise.

Could age have harmed his teeth?

Some individuals have hypothesized that Johnny’s deteriorating teeth could result from genetic susceptibility and aging effects. His teeth aren’t quite as attractive as they once were, but that doesn’t necessarily indicate anything is wrong with him, other than the fact that they’ve altered with time. The problems he’s having with his teeth may result from his family’s genetic makeup, which he inherited at birth.

Many believe the general population shouldn’t deal with this issue

Most online commentators agree that it has no place in public view, whatever the issue with Johnny’s teeth. The social expectation that you must be tall, muscular, and gorgeous is awful. Our culture has to recognize that performers are individuals whose characters don’t require perfection. Others contend that Johnny’s teeth aren’t the problem but Hollywood’s aesthetic standards.

Because they were all movie stars, it is crucial to notice that all of the performers who followed Johnny had beautiful white teeth. Some contend that the emphasis on physical attractiveness is one of the faults of the Hollywood industry as a whole and that artists should instead be evaluated based on their performances.

Johnny Depp teeth issue is unclear

Even though Johnny has been in the public glare for various other negative reasons, he does not appear to focus on the appearance of his teeth. Since he has always been interested in playing eccentric and odd characters, his teeth probably do not hinder him. He was never interested in being a leading man or conforming to their beauty standards.

The explanation behind his golden veneers

His birth mother subjected him to physical assault and emotional agony during childhood. His sister also explained that their mother was cruel, and it was not unusual for her to hurl an ashtray at them or strike them with a phone receiver or high heel. To mask the painful memories of his childhood, he began drinking alcohol at the age of 12. He smoked cigarettes and used cocaine as a teenager. In addition, he has been doing drugs for decades, but he has no severe health issues.

Captain Jack (Johnny Depp) never appeared to have enough alcohol in Pirates of the Caribbean. The excessive consumption of alcohol causes tooth degeneration, tooth decay, and tooth discoloration.

In his second film, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, he portrayed Raoul Duke; he exhibits continual drug usage and virtually nonstop smoking. Cigarette smoking can cause yellowing of the denticles, tooth loss, periodontal disease, and perhaps cancer.

In the 2001 film Blow, he portrayed George Jung, an American cocaine courier who was also a cocaine user. Additionally, he stated in an interview that he used cocaine with Marilyn Manson. People mistakenly believe that it does not damage the denticles. Cocaine use is associated with perforation of the palate, periodontitis or receding gums, dry mouth, and cavities. Teeth troubles are caused by Johnny Depp’s intake of alcohol and smokes. Despite all other possible causes, his bad relationship may be to blame. In one of his interviews, he disclosed his relationship by stating that he poisoned himself for years.

Why do Johnny Depp teeth seem so bad?

Although there has been much discussion over the cause of Johnny’s dental problems, there is no definitive answer. Some have suggested that they are partially the result of his smoking, which is known to discolor teeth. The actor has more than stained teeth; he also has prominent gold veneers.

Johnny Depp teeth do not appear to bother him

Johnny has been in the spotlight for various other unpleasant reasons, but he does not appear to care much about the appearance of his teeth. Playing eccentric characters has always fascinated him, and his teeth probably don’t hinder him in this area. He was never interested in being a leading man or conforming to their beauty standards.

An Intense Sweet Tooth

According to an interview with Dark Horizons, Depp acknowledged that his teeth did not match Willy Wonka’s friendliness, which led me to believe that they wore a mask to achieve that all-important smile. So, it was Wonka’s other side. Then, it was vitally crucial to do things for Wonka’s appearance.

Depp stressed that it was crucial to get a feel for the character and put on the costume, and insert the veneers and teeth, which altered the curve of his face slightly.

The public has spent too much leisure time criticizing Depp’s teeth and discussing on Reddit why they are not in pristine condition. Some have commented on his smoking, while others have been excessively outraged that he hasn’t cared for them despite his millions of wealth.

Depp reportedly underwent no alterations for his role as the eccentric, sinister Mad Hatter in another Burton adaptation of the classic Alice in Wonderland. The character with fiery hair and a gap between his two front teeth is well-known. Zooming in on photos of Depp in the film, it appears his teeth were filled with professional makeup.


It was our most apparent hypothesis regarding Johnny Depp teeth, and we are certain that some of them may be true. Johnny dep’s life has been marred by numerous adverse events, ranging from a terrible childhood to a toxic relationship that led to his drug use. His heavy drug use impacted his whole appearance over time.

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