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How To Put Multiple Pictures On Instagram Stories?


You have come to the right site if you have been wondering how to put multiple pictures on Instagram stories. We have covered different methods in this article to help you understand how to put multiple pictures on Instagram stories.

The current trend for typical social media interactions is posting Instagram stories. You must know how to put multiple pictures on Instagram stories. Through Instagram stories, you can share anything. It might be the photos from your most recent outing, the record you are listening to, or even strange memes.

You can add your style to every post you publish on Instagram, thanks to the abundance of customizable tools. The stories are also transient, so you may genuinely personalize it.

The answer to how to add multiple pictures to an Instagram story is pretty simple. Adding numerous pictures can be challenging, but sharing single images is generally straightforward. Now that you are here if you are wondering how to upload multiple pictures on your Instagram story, read the section below.

Different Methods To Add Multiple Pictures To Instagram Story

You can upload several images to your Instagram story in a few different ways. You can obtain the completely different results by using each approach. To choose the suitable method, be careful to determine how you want your final post to appear.

We have mentioned four main methods in this article for iOS and Android users to add numerous photographs to an Instagram story. Learn how to put multiple pictures on an Instagram story by reading on it.

How To Add Multiple Pictures On Instagram Story Using Photo Sticker Feature?

The first way to include numerous photos in an Instagram story is using a photo sticker option. In this method, we will use the “photo stickers” function. To learn how to put multiple pictures on Instagram stories, follow the below steps.

1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.

2.  Sign in to your Instagram account.

3. Swipe right to access your Instagram story from the home page.

4. On the left side of the screen, click the “Aa” Create option.

5. By clicking on the colored circle in the bottom right corner, you can upload a background or select an appropriate background.

6. Once the wallpaper has been chosen, select the “Sticker” icon from the top bar.

7. Tap the “Photo Stickers” icon that can be found by scrolling down.

8. Pick the image you want to add.

9. Tap the image to adjust the corners, then reposition it.

10. To add another image, use the same procedures—select Image under Photo Sticker under Sticker Icon.

11. To finish the post, add more text or stickers.

12. To upload it as your story, click the send button.

This is how to put multiple pictures on Instagram stories using the sticker feature.

How To Put Multiple Pictures On Instagram Story Using The “Upload Multiple Pictures” Feature?

The easiest way to put numerous pictures to your Instagram story is by using the “upload multiple pictures” feature. To learn, follow the instructions below.

1. Log into your Instagram account by clicking the Instagram icon on your device.

2. To access Instagram stories, swipe right.

3. In the bottom left corner of your screen, click the “Add Image” icon.

4. To upload several pictures, select the “Upload Multiple Pictures” option.

5. Choose the photos you wish to include in your article.

6. The “Next” button should be clicked.

7. Click “submit” to post the images on your Instagram Story once you have chosen all of the photos and added all of the text and stickers you want to use.

This is how to put multiple pictures on Instagram stories using the “add multiple pictures” option.

How To Put Multiple Pictures On Instagram Story Using The Layout Feature?

You can make a photo collage with this tool, which will utilize the whole background area. You must take the same actions as those outlined previously, after which:

1. Swipe right to access your Instagram stories from the app’s home screen.

2. On the screen’s left side, tap the layout icon.

3. Pick a layout that is appealing to the eye.

4. The gallery icon is located in the bottom left corner.

5. Start adding multiple photos.

6. Share new photos.

How To Put Multiple Pictures On Instagram Story Using SwiftKey Keyboard?

(Only For Android Users)

Those who can not use the techniques above can use the Swiftkey keyboard. However, be aware that to use this option, you must first download the SwiftKey Keyboard from the Google Play store.

All Android users wishing to add more than one photo to an Instagram story should check out this method. The instructions for this one are as follows:

1. Get the Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard application.

2. Open the Microsoft Swiftkey program now, then select Enable Swiftkey.

3. A new window will open; scroll down and turn on Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard. You will be instantly sent to the previous screen after choosing this option.

4. You must select SwiftKey by clicking here.

5. Choose the Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard from the newly opened pop-up menu. Now select finish up. You will be prompted to sign in at this point, but you can also choose not now. You can turn all of your screenshots into stickers by using this software, so be sure to snap screenshots of the images you want to include in your Instagram story.

6. Now go to Instagram and select the story option.

7. To use the text keyboard, choose any image from the gallery and click it.

8. Open the keyboard now, then click the sticker icon. The pin symbol must then be clicked, and the camera icon must be clicked. Add all of the previous screenshots here after this.

9. Make the changes after adding them. To add additional images, repeat this step.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you combine images and videos on Instagram stories?

Combining images and videos is a relatively straightforward process. Add whatever video you want to the Instagram story, and then select the sticker option at the top. To add images to your video, click the photo add-on icon. Check out our first approach to the photo add-on feature up there.

How many images can you post in an Instagram story?

A story post can only include ten photos. After choosing the final image, the app will let you know when you have reached the limit. You can, however, alter your decision at any time or omit the entire story.

How many stories can be posted at once on an Instagram story?

There is a 100-story limit for each post. You have numerous options to add images to your stories on Instagram, including using the layout feature or the sticker option to post several photos.

Final words

If you use Instagram frequently, understanding how to put multiple pictures on Instagram stories is important. In order to make it simple for you to add several photos to your Instagram story, we have explored the best methods.

There is no need for you to look for any other way because all of those that have already been described are trustworthy and will make it simple for you to post images.

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