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How To Get Unbanned From Tinder


How to get unbanned from Tinder? Tinder is one of the most popular dating applications worldwide, with tens of millions of regular users or followers seeking to find a compatible partner. Although most people believe that getting banned from the Tinder app is difficult, each app has its unique set of rules.

Tinder also has some basic guidelines that are extremely different from those of other applications; if you do not follow them, you will soon be banned. Therefore, you must adhere to Tinder’s rules and understand how to be unbanned. If you have been banned from the Tinder app and do not know how to become unbanned, the information provided below will be of assistance.

Reasons why your Tinder account is banned

How to get unbanned from Tinder? Currently, Tinder bans users for several different reasons. As demonstrated by the graph below, searches for how to unban a Tinder account have become increasingly popular over the past year. Here are several reasons for your account suspension:

False identity and policy violation

A fake profile is one of the most common causes of Tinder account bans. There are several false or scam profiles on Tinder that aim to hack data or engage in cyberbullying and occasionally belong to sexual predators. The first step in regaining access to Tinder is to update your profile with your correct information and unique personal interests. Similarly, you can report phony Tinder profiles if you discover them. The Tinder designers will then decide whether or not to block the individual. Tinder’s developers are continually examining how to deal with these fake accounts.

Unsuitable and offensive language

On Tinder, you can communicate with the person you want, but if you use bad language, you have a significant possibility of being banned. The other person has the authority to report your account if you use inappropriate language during a conversation. Tinder has established criteria, rules, and conditions that must be followed for your profile to be unbanned.

Being homophobic

Tinder is open to everyone, including the LGBTQ community. Therefore, if you are even slightly homophobic, you will be banned from Tinder. Therefore, when building your Tinder profile, clearly indicate your sexual preference or interest, and avoid insulting the interests of others.

Racist comment

One such issue is the presence of racist statements in the form of foolish things and song lyrics that might be offensive and appear racist to the target. If the Tinder team notices, the contact is immediately warned, and the account is deleted if the behaviour does not cease immediately. Tinder does not offer a second chance, as racism is very serious.

Spam accounts

Tinder may ban your account if it suspects you of spamming or using a fake profile—constant texting of an uninterested person results in blocking or a warning. Tinder would also identify and restrict copy-and-pasting of identical messages to multiple contacts. Collecting numerous “Feels like Spam” responses from the matching connection is possible.

Sharing inappropriate photographs

Tinder enforces a strict photo policy. It is permissible to submit pictures that reveal some flesh. However, it is against Tinder’s rules to publish offensive images. Tinder prohibits offensive photos and animal corpses because it believes they belong in an art gallery and are not suitable for Tinder.

How to get unbanned from Tinder?

Send An Appeal to Tinder

The optimal starting point is to appeal the ban directly with Tinder’s support services. You should be kind and personable even if you didn’t do anything wrong while engaging with others online.

One thing to keep in mind is that people who work in support receive horrible treatment daily. Therefore it will help to be the one good person they interact with. This procedure can take a few days to a couple of months.

However, it is important to note that if you are a free user and not a paid member, your prospects of being unbanned from Tinder are slim. Because you do not generate revenue for them, they do not need to allow you to use the app.

Creating Another Account

Because the appeal procedure could take some time and there is no certainty that your account will be reinstated, you should sign up for Facebook again using a different account. Create a new email account with a fake email address. You may then erase the program from your phone, reinstall it, and login in using your new Facebook account.

Now, if you joined with a phone number instead of Facebook, it will be slightly more difficult, but not impossible, to regain access. It is rather simple; you only need a burner phone or an inexpensive prepaid SIM card. These are available for a price comparable to a cup of coffee and come with a new phone number, allowing you to join up again.

If you are a paying Tinder member who subscribes to Plus or Gold, be warned that you will not be able to join up for those services again. When you pay with your Apple ID, Apple stores your information on their servers, and you cannot erase it. A solution is to create a new Apple ID.

If you want that extra edge in the Tinder game, it doesn’t hurt to try it. Android users are similarly affected. You must create a new Google Play account and follow the same steps as iPhone users.

How to appeal to Tinder to get unbanned

If you have been banned from Tinder and wish to appeal the decision, you may contact Tinder’s customer support and explain your circumstances. You must log in with your Facebook account or phone number to contact customer care. After logging in, you can submit your query to Tinder customer care by filling out the form.

Suppose you are unsure why your Tinder ban; you can also reach out to Tinder via social media. Tinder is available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You may receive a response from Tinder if you describe your circumstances and why you believe you should be unbanned.

Ensure You Are Not Banned from Tinder Once Again

As you can see, it is not easy to get your Tinder account unbanned; thus, you must understand how to avoid getting banned again.

First, you should know what behaviors you should avoid on Tinder. This information is available by reading Tinder’s community guidelines.

If you are reported, avoid repeating the behavior that prompted the report. If you have been warned once for anything, you may be certain that you will be banned for it the next time.

The most common Tinder community breaches discussed in this article are sending insulting messages, sending NSFW photographs, automating right swipes via a third-party tool, and exploiting your Tinder profile for promotional purposes.


Is Tinder ban temporary or permanent?

The duration of a Tinder ban varies according to the reason for the ban. You may be banned for a few days or weeks if you have been banned for breaking the terms of service. Your ban duration may be extended if you have been banned for spamming or being abusive. In certain instances, you may be permanently banned from the application.

What is a shadowban on Tinder?

A Tinder shadowban occurs when your account gets banned from the service without you being informed of the reason. This may occur if you breach the rules of service or are suspected of spamming or being abusive. If you believe you have been shadowbanned, try logging in with a different phone number or Facebook account.

What is Error Code 40303 for Tinder?

The Tinder Error Code 40303 indicates that you are attempting to log in using a banned account. You cannot create a new account utilizing the same phone number or Facebook account.

Try using a different phone number or Facebook account to resolve the issue. You can also attempt to change your IP address and login from a different place by utilizing a VPN. Here is a listing of the top VPNs for Tinder.

How do I fix Error Code 40303 on Tinder?

Use a different phone number or Facebook account to resolve the Tinder error code 40303. You can also attempt to change your IP address and login from a different place by utilizing a VPN. Here is a listing of the top VPNs for Tinder.


In conclusion, each social media network has its rules, policies, and regulations. Similarly, Tinder, although a dating app, do not adhere to regulations. This post focuses exclusively on how to get unbanned from Tinder and how to avoid getting banned in the future. Therefore, if you are banned, never give up; instead, start a new account, seek support from Filmora, and put your individuality on the line!

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