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How To Find The Name Of A Movie You Can’t Remember [2022]


How to find the name of a movie you can’t remember? It’s incredibly frustrating when something is on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t recall what it was. This frequently occurs with names, words, and melodies, but it seems to occur most frequently with film titles. After all, thousands of films are released in theatres and on streaming services each year, so it’s understandable if you cannot identify that film. Follow these tips on how to find the name of a movie you can’t remember.

How to find the name of a movie you can’t remember?

Even if you forget a movie’s title, there are numerous ways to discover it. You can Google the film’s plot, any stars you recall, and even specific lines from the film. If that fails, your best option is to use a movie finder website or application.

Mention the Actors

One of the simplest ways to locate a movie’s title is to look for its cast members. You can verify an actor’s filmography by visiting their Wikipedia or IMDb page, where you should locate the desired film. This works even if you don’t remember the actor’s name, as long as you recognize them from another movie. If you are more familiar with the director than with the performers, you might utilize this information to reduce your search.

Remember all story details

Unfortunately, not all films have recognizable actors. If you can’t search it up using an actor’s name, you should try to remember as many sequences as possible. Do you recall a certain line or story arc? If you Google plot-related keywords, you may find the movie you’re looking for.

This method also applies to technical aspects. If you saw it in an IMAX theatre, you know to look for 3D versions of movies. You may also recall color palettes, editing choices, and other details.

You may search for “film kidnapping daughter ” for a film about a kidnapping.” You’ll get suggestions like Taken, Prisoners, and Kidnap. This applies to virtually every genre.

Check out Netflix or IMDB

There are many instances in which the primary method does not produce the desired results, despite most individuals finding the desired film using it. Perhaps there are too many films with a similar plot, or your keywords were not exact.

In such a circumstance, you can search for the film using IMDb or Netflix’s related movies. Search for a film with a similar genre or plot, then scroll to get related suggestions. It is not the most efficient way, but it occasionally succeeds.

You can also utilize IMDb’s advanced title search by entering information such as the film’s director, general subject or issue it addresses, and more. You can use their keyword list to locate movies with a specific theme. These tools are a film enthusiast’s best buddy!

Browse through a streaming service’s library

Even if it’s unavailable on Netflix or HBO Max, this may spark your memories. Explore the movies on whatever streaming service you have access to. Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and the other platforms contain thousands of films, and if you continue to browse, you may find the film you’re looking for. Even if you don’t, you may find a comparable movie, actor/actress, or keyword that triggers your memory and helps you recall the title of the film you’re trying to remember!

  • Even viewing the movie posters’ thumbnails can help you remember.
  • If you know the name of an actor or actress in a film, you may easily access their filmography and locate it. Observe the thumbnails for actors and actresses; you may recognize a familiar face.

Consult a friend

If you watched the film with someone else, inquire whether they remember the title. You might ask or post on social media for assistance if it was a viral film. Alternatively, if you have a cinephile friend who is highly knowledgeable about films, you may contact them and describe the movie to see if they recognize it.

You may telephone your friend and say, “Can you assist me in locating my movie? A few years ago, you and I watched a movie about a man stuck on an island. He had a volleyball as a companion. You recall it?”

Movie Finder Sites

Lastly, you can utilize the Internet’s power through a movie-finding website or forum. Using these tools, you may identify a film based on a scene or a few details!

There are also online forums and communities devoted to such misfortunes; by posting on one of these channels, you will quickly receive advice from dozens of friendly internet strangers. Plus, even if you don’t locate the precise film you’re looking for, you’ll receive numerous recommendations for future viewing!

What Is My Movie?


What Is My Movie is a website that may suggest the name of a movie based on a scene or storyline description, an unfinished title, and the names of actors and directors. By “super-accurate,” we mean that the website can readily locate a film similar to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with the bare-bones description “erasing memories.”

According to the website, the technology company Valossa for Arctic15 created the search engine for a conference for matching up startups. The team aimed to “offer a new way of searching video content” by attempting to analyze data that robots cannot ordinarily analyze, including scenes, themes, storylines, and speech. The website’s library presently contains 40,000 titles, encompassing films from the early 1900s to the most recent releases. However, you should not anticipate the website to be entirely current. Indeed, a new movie is released every week.


First, enter any film-related information you can recall into the search box. You can enter any information you remember about the film’s title, plot, characters, or actors. You might also try describing certain events or writing out a conversation.

Once the website displays its recommendations, you can limit your search by selecting title matches, actor matches, or director matches. You may also assist the website by letting it know whether its suggested matches are excellent or awful!


IMDB, or the Internet Movie Database, is a website that contains extensive information about every single film ever produced. The only disadvantage is that IMDB’s search engine is fundamental. You can search for an actor, director, or production firm, but you’ll need to go through their page and flick through their filmography to discover the desired film. If none of the titles are familiar, you may spend hours clicking on each one. However, there is a possible solution. Using this URL and Google, you can attempt to locate a film on IMDB by giving brief plot summaries

Wild About Movies

If you know a film’s release date but not its title, stars, or director, you might visit Wild About Movies, which organizes films by year and then by release date. While it’s pretty doubtful that you’ll be asking, “What was the name of that movie that came out in 2010? “it’s nevertheless entertaining to browse through each year on this site and compare the famous films in different years.

The Internet Movie Browser

The Internet Movie Browser is a film database with many filtering options. You can use the search field to enter film titles, actor and director names, release dates, and production firms; refine your search by specifying a range for the release date and duration, as well as select genres and countries. You may also sort results according to critics’ ratings.

It is not the most effortless approach to look for a film whose title you do not know, but it helps compare film ratings and locate the highest-rated movies.


Filmfind is an alternative to IMDB. It is a community-based website that answers questions about movies. The “Quora” of films! It is not a machine or artificial intelligence based; thus, you will have to wait for others to answer your query.

You can describe what you know about the film, and cinephiles will be more than willing to assist you in locating the title. Is it a tale of love? Does the vessel collide with an iceberg and sink? Did the violinists perform before freezing?

This forum-like website will provide various user-submitted responses, vote for the correct answer, and watch the film. This website is an excellent resource for determining the title of a film based on a scene. We have all seen and heard movie clips in Instagram videos and Tiktok challenges. We’re confident great cinephiles remember remarkable scenes from movies!


How to find the name of a movie you can’t remember? We all make mistakes sometimes. Whether forgetting the name of a movie you saw the night before or not being able to remember where you put your keys, we’ve all been there. In cases like these, it can be incredibly frustrating not being able to recall the title or even the basic plotline of a movie. If you’re ever stuck and can’t seem to get your memory working again, don’t worry — here are some tips on finding out the name of a movie you watched recently.

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